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Web Work

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Don't Touch The Spikes

Don't Touch The Soikes was a group project done between Nick Tancredi and myself (Luke Schwarting).

Don’t Touch The Spikes is a game where the player needs to move from platform to platform while dodging incoming walls from the sides and below the player while all trying not to get put into the spikes and die. The objective is to try and last as long as possible while the game becomes more and more difficult. This game was made in HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and used JavaScript’s canvas feature. Features that I worked on for the game were the blood emitter (when you lose a life), sounds, implementing walls moving, mapping the keys, pausing, pause screen, styling of game over and menu screen, and text fonts.

Gasser Gasser Gasser Gasser Gasser


Gasser was a group project done between Nick Tancredi and myself (Luke Schwarting).

Gasser is a simplistic gas station finder app that will help all drivers and/or passengers of a car find the cheapest and nearest gas stations to their location. This app uses HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and API’s. The API’s used were the Google Maps API, and uses the My Gas Feed API to be able to retrieve the data needed to find the gas stations and show them on the map. Features that I worked on for this app include getting the API’s to work, allow the user to enter either city or use their location to find the gas station, and the styling of the page.

Tutorial Page

Tutorial: How To Shoot A Gun

This was the first project of the web design course I took at RIT for my second year.

This tutorial page is on how to shoot a gun. I am passionate about shooting and safety with shooting guns. This page is to help anyone that has never shot a gun before and wants to know how.

Audio Visualizer Page

Audio Visualizer

This was a group project done between Nick Tancredi and myself.

This is an Audio Visualizer that allows the user to pick and choose certain effects that will take place on the visualizer itself. The layout design and all the CSS on the page was done by myself. The whole side bar and the features I did. I implemented using JavaScript the center orb with the bouncing waves, and the bass using an biquadFilter audio node and allows the user to change the amount of bass with a slider, the quadratic curve to fill most of the screen with the gradient of choice by the user and with the help from a friend, Carly Kraft, I was able to implement the moving 3D circles in the background.

C# Work


Stack & Chill

Stack & Chill is an addictive game that you cannot put down. When you need that break from watching Netflix and chilling you pick up Stack & Chill and go to town. The objective is to try and stack as many blocks as possible. The blocks will change color and speed when you stack more and have a higher score. The more blocks you stack the farther and farther the camera gets away making it harder to stack. This game was done in C# using Visual Studios. Features that I worked on included sounds, block graphics, implementing block wrapping, implementing different blocks and block elements, scene changes, scoring and storing the score data, immobilizing the bottom 3 blocks so they don’t move, and implementing the difficulty curve.

chess chess2 chess3 chess4


This was the final project of my second semester at RIT. I decided to challenge my self with the board game chess.

This project was made in Visual Studio and the game when a piece is clicked, the board then highlights the users possible moves. Through-out the process, I came across many challenges. That were the collision from piece to the edge of the board, and from piece to piece to see if the piece selected had available spaces to moves by if there were other pieces in those spots.

Java/Processing Work


Recreate Sketch

This was my final project for the 1st semester at RIT. Here we had to go online and find a geometric image and recreate it on Processing.

I went online and found this crazy geometric image and I decided that it was the one that I was going to do. I had a random generator to pick a number between the width of the screen and 0 and that decide where the blocks were going to be placed. But the challenge of this project was the color to fade as the squares were going to the edge. This was generated by the position of the image. So if it was at the center it would be the brightest color and if it was the edge it was the darkest. It is like a gradient fill.

Space Invaders Space Invaders Space Invaders Space Invaders

Space Invaders

This project was the second project of my first semester at RIT. I wanted to do a game that i was passionite about and that I could challenge me but also capable of doing. So I could think of any other game but the classic Space Invaders.

This was done in Processing. I was able to have the space craft move and shoot the aliens. The challenges that I came across was the movement of the aliens, the shooting of the bullet and its collision with the aliens, and the collision between the bullet and the barriers.

iOS/Swift Work


Free Fall Fred

This was a team project done by Andrew Schoolnick and myself (Luke Schwarting). It was our first ever project for iOS using Xcode and Swift.

Free Fall Fred is a game where “Fred” the sky diver, is falling and you the user must steer “Fred”, making him dodge incoming birds and the rocks that are in the way to land safely on the ground. It is a level based game with each level getting harder and higher in height to do. This game app uses the iOS accelerometer by the user tilting the iPad, which in turn steers “Fred”.

What I did for this project was design and implementation of the Main Menu and Help screens, implementation of accelerometer and the sounds, I created the standing up right view of the character “Fred” and getting him to appear in the game when the land button is pressed, implemented landing, and the birds. Also through play testing, I added in the condition where if you don’t hit the land button in time, it will disappear and “Fred” will die.


Stack Hero

This was a team project done by Isaac Selleck and myself (Luke Schwarting). It was a project for iOS using Xcode and Swift.

Stack Hero is a game where the user has to move a certain number of blocks to the top without it tipping over the entire stack of blocks. The user selects one block at a time to move and the block selected becomes freely moveable so it doesn’t interact with the other blocks. Once the user places a block at the top it cannot be interacted with anymore and their points go up. But the user has to be careful because they don’t have unlimited moves. The user has to move a certain number of blocks in order to move onto the next level, and if they don’t move that correct amount to the top of the stack, not wherever they so choose, then the player loses. This is a level based game with different type of blocks throughout the levels like circles, triangles, and even bomb blocks.

What I did for this project was design and implementation of Main Menu, Help, Game Over, level select scenes, implementation of the sound, created/implemented levels, implementation of the storing of the data/high score, restriction of the block after the user moves it, implementation of the block being freely moveable when selected, creation of the different shapes.