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My wearing my High School Football jersey

Hello, My name is Luke Schwarting. I am a 4th year at Rochester Institute of Technology. I am pursuing in New Media Interactive Development at RIT. I chose this field because I have a passion for building web/mobile applications due to the idea of people using these applications that I have built to help them throughout their day. I am seeking a co-op in front end web/mobile application development. I have a passion for programming, and I am excited about web and mobile programming.

I have played lacrosse and football since I was 5. While at RIT I play for the mens' club lacrosse team. Playing sports allowed me to become a great leader. I was captain on both Lacrosse and Football. This taught me how to lead, be a spokesman, and take on responsibility for what happens. Playing sports and being in school taught me time management between my studies and playing.

Growing up in a small town and with how my parents brought me up, I have a strong work ethic. Meaning that, I do not give up until the job is completed. If my name is going to be on it, then I make sure it is perfect because I expect perfection.